The 2017 Flett Trek took place on Hogmanay with 13 of us taking part this year. Gerry, Mark, Murdo, Donnie & Norman running. Ethel, Rebecca, Mary, Adrienne, Ceit, Ross, Ian and Tony walking. A brilliant time was had by all and we enjoyed great food and top craic after at the Rheni hostel. Big thanks to Ross for organising and cooking some tasty fajitas for the feed!

Here are some snaps of the day, thanks to Ceit, Adrienne and Ian for the pics!

The walk crew starting out at Urgha – Adrienne seems to have shrunk over Christmas, Tony can’t wait for the climb

Ethel (Legend) and Adrienne (also Legend) nearing the top of the big hill

We all made it to the top! The runners meet up with the walkers for a pic and a dram

Tony flying down the zig zags desperate to get in the water

Ross trying to keep up – desperate to see if his pants are still down there!

The lads top up their tans then jump in for a wee dip, as Murdo looks on (apparently he’s never been in the water!). It was tttttoasty!

We haven’t seen pace like this from Donnie for a few years

Meanwhile the locals look on thinking we’re a bit daft

The ladies on the last stretch to Rheni

Some cracking views!

We all reach the hostel grab a hot shower then tuck into some grub and refreshments – yum!

Did someone say thirds??

Team pic before we hit the road 🙂

Mark managed to hook a big one on the way, that’s NY dinner sorted!