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Coaching Assistant Course
Friday 1st June 5 - 9PM
Saturday 2nd June 9 - 5pm

Normally a full weekend course on the mainland !!

Minimum age 18

£150 - Club funded

For anyone who is interested in taking the first step into coaching, the Coaching Assistant course provides the technical coaching knowledge to underpin running, jumping and throwing activities.  Open to anyone aged 18 or over who has a passion for athletics, the course will provide the Coaching Assistant with the wide range of tools required to deliver an effective and engaging club session.  The role of the Coaching Assistant is to support Children’s Coaches, Athletics Coaches or Event Development Coaches in the delivery of athletics sessions.  

On completion of the course, the Coaching Assistant will be able to deliver athletics sessions under the guidance of a licensed Coach and may deliver some units of the session on behalf of the Supervising Coach, so long as they are both in the same facility at the time of delivery. However if javelin, hammer, discus or pole vault are being taught (other than with soft/adapted equipment), direct supervision is required.

It is not the role of the Coaching Assistant to devise sessions, however, by the end of the course the Coaching Assistant should be able to contribute to planning sessions under the guidance of the Supervising Coach who will advise on the content, goals and focus of the session in advance.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch by email -  sracmembership@gmail.com and give your email a heading of COACHES COURSE. Remember all you need is the will to help kids, a bit of free time (more hands make light work), enthusiasm and a positive attitude!