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Hogmanay 2011 and another Flett Trek!

The 8am scheduled departure was almost achieved from town on Hogmanay for the annual trek from Maaruig and Urgha for the celebrated Flett Trek. The undelayed start “south” meant that pick-up’s enroute were good and the rest of the days timetable for one of the the club’s longest standing social running events was a great day out!

Jayne, Ceit and Adrienne (missing from this picture Ruairidh)
Jayne, Ceit and Adrienne (missing from this picture Ruairidh)

The first stop at Maaruig we were met by Douglas Binns who helped out with the logistics of not having a dedicated driver and so everyone going to Harris for the day were all able to do the”Flett”! So a big round of thanks to Douglas for that. Eight runners (Spike, Finnacks, Neil and Wille MacRury, Jason, Roddy G AND Jim B) set off from Maaruig to do the first trail to Urgha before being spotted by the Tony, Ross and Becca who then set off at an easy pace with the goal of meeting together at the posties path high point being achieved! Ceit, Jayne and Adrienne who walked were also ready at the rendevous. This year the king of Rhenigidale, Kenny MacKay had requested that we might stop and rebuild the cairn of Duncan MacInnes, who had died on the spot a centuary or so before (his Grandson sadly shared the same fate within site of the cairn). Kenny had arranged for a tonne bag of stones he’d collected from the MacInnes family croft to rebuild the cairn mistakingly taken apart as part of the path repairs and drainage.

Cairn remembering Duncan Macinnes (and Grandson)
Cairn remembering Duncan Macinnes (and Grandson)

Since the first Flett Trek run by Doug and Ross(1989?) many have taken part and enjoyed a fine end to the year and the runners have experienced all types of weather. Well that is at least after ths year’s run they have as it was certainly the wettest day the “Trek” has ever had! But with the rain came warmer than average tempratures and so also some shorts on show during the run! The falling rain caused the descent into Loch Trollamarig to be very slick! Auld Pa MacRury showed no signs of age as he, sure footed as a mountain goat, reached the foot of the descent first. Though he wasn’t so keen to “peel-off” for the Trollamarig splash!

The unusually unseasonal weather did allow the introduction of a spot of sunbathing before the dip and it did help the acclimitisation to the dook in the brinie stuff!

All ready back at the Rhenigidale bothy was the missing Ruairidh, hopefully helping Maryanne from Loch Croistean restaurant that we were fortunate to have feed us with a hearty soup starter and home made soda bread before a gorgeous venison stew. Washed down with the traditional Antonio inspired gluevine! A superb day!

A Tupper

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