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Wacky Racers 2012/13 Race 7

Macleod & Macleod
Pentland Road 5k/10k Handicap
Friday 26/04/2013

Prize Winners

Jim's Event Photographs

Personal Best’s and Course Records were smashed throughout most of the categories at the MacLeod and MacLeod Pentland Road Races on Friday night! Even before starters got the runners off their mark for the 5k and 10k the first record was broken! Ninety five runners took part and so set the largest entry to date for the increasingly popular event.

Start of 10k

Start of 10k

The route is known to be the fastest 10k/5k in the islands (see elevation profile at bottom of this page) and in the days leading up to the races it looked like their may be a favourable west wind assisting the runners! As things turned out the wind changed to the north and so the opening miles were slightly tougher than expected. As SRAC running veteran Jim Bruce once said, “if the winds not for you, it’s against you!”

Connor wins 5k in new course record time

Well if the wind wasn’t exactly in favour of the runners the waiting timekeepers at the finish wouldn’t have know it as Connor MacLean passed through the last kilometre at Willowglen! The young SRAC runner passed under Porters Lodge triumphantly, scorching over the finish line to win the 5K in a personal best time and course record of 15minutes 56! Connor was followed in by 1500 meter specialist Murdo MacKenzie in 16.13 and he also posted a PB for the distance!

Next Across the line was ladies 5K winner Eilidh MacKenzie looking in fine form to record a PB and course record of 17minutes 52. Sisters Alison and Jane MacInnes put in good performance to claim 2nd and 3rd respectively, with Andrew Duncan (sprinter) sandwiched between them to take 3rd in the men’s race.

Willie wins 10k in new PB time

In the longer event Willie MacRury led from gun to tape focused on running against his watch to not only win the race, but also set himself a great new PB of 35minutes 32! Behind there was a well fought contest from another of SRAC’s young developing talents, Kenny MacSween against “old hand” Ali Locket. The endurance experience of Ali proved to be the difference and he took 2nd 34 seconds ahead of Kenny with a time of 38minutes 43.

In the ladies 10K there was a returning win to competitive running for Ailis Murray, only just edging Isabel Jones into 2nd by 20 seconds! But her time of 43minutes 30 ensured that her return to racing got off to a good start! Another of SRAC’s new ladies Katy MacKenzie took 3rd place with respectful run of 44.12.

The MacLeod and MacLeod Pentland Road Races 5 &10K format of early Friday evening running followed by BBQ and refreshments at Stornoway Golf Club have proved to be very popular. There was a tangible buzz about the event and as more and more runners crossed the line there was celebration and smiles from all the runners. Well done to all race participants and the organization SRAC crew. (However runners should expect the pre-entry date next year to be a week before the event next year!


Place Time Name
1 00:15:54 Connor Maclean
2 00:16:13 Murdo Mackenzie
3 00:17:54 Eilidh Mackenzie
4 00:21:55 Alison MacInnes
5 00:23:04 Andrew Duncan
6 00:23:11 Jane MacInnes
7 00:23:57 Lisa Weir
8 00:24:17 Steven Munro
9 00:24:25 Mandy Macdonald
10 00:26:40 Donna Macleod Bray
11 00:26:41 Ruth Macdonald 
12 00:26:44 Jenny Macleod
13 00:29:29 Shannon King
14 00:30:23 Jane  Smith
15 00:30:23 Mairi MacDonald 
16 00:31:06 Norman Macphail
17 00:32:42 Mary Faller
18 00:32:43 Cathie Stewart
19 00:32:53 Ann Maciver
20 00:32:53 Peter Macinnes
21 00:34:20 Julie Murray
22 00:34:20 Karen Macleod
23 00:35:00 Yvonne Mackay


Place ClockTime Name Cat
1 00:35:32 William MacRury M
2 00:38:43 Alastair Lockett MV
3 00:39:09 Kenneth Macsween M
4 00:39:25 mark maciver M
5 00:40:12 Christopher Graham M
6 00:40:41 Garry Maclean MV
7 00:40:49 Iain Ronald Maclean M
8 00:40:53 Neil Macrury MV
9 00:41:06 Malcolm Murray M
10 00:41:25 Norman Ferguson M
11 00:41:44 Norrie Mackenzie M
12 00:42:36 Gary Reynolds M
13 00:43:07 Hamish Budge MV
14 00:43:30 Ailis Murray 10kF
15 00:43:50 Isabel Jones F
16 00:44:12 Katy Mackenzie F
17 00:44:19 Mike Sullivan MV
18 00:44:58 Scott Maciver M
19 00:45:00 Norman MacLean MV
20 00:45:02 John Macinnes MV
21 00:45:06 David Macdonald M
22 00:45:52 Keith Bray MV
23 00:45:55 Colin Tucker MV
24 00:45:57 Mr Rodman M
25 00:46:20 Mike Schouten M
26 00:46:27 Nikki Arthur F
27 00:46:32 Louise Wade F
28 00:46:45 Willie Mitchell MV
29 00:47:06 David Macleod MV
30 00:47:06 Peigi Maclean F
31 00:47:16 noelle deplano F
32 00:47:29 Ross Smith M
33 00:47:46 John Macleod M
34 00:47:48 Richard Macleod M
35 00:47:53 Murdo M Maclean MV
36 00:47:55 Janet Reid FV
37 00:48:00 Donna Mackenzie F
38 00:48:17 Jayne Miller FV
39 00:49:57 Nicola Macleod F
40 00:50:08 Carly Rodman F
41 00:50:10 Murdo Morrison MV
42 00:50:23 Alison Macleod F
43 00:50:39 Cathy Chisholm FV
44 00:50:52 Marilyn Hanlon FV
45 00:50:53 Stephan Smit MV
46 00:50:59 Lesley Leng Murray FV
47 00:51:48 Jim Bruce MV
48 00:52:25 Bill Ferguson MV
49 00:53:05 Murdo Maclennan M
50 00:53:08 Susan Macleay F
51 00:53:18 Lorraine Morrison FV
52 00:53:42 Jenny Kearns F
53 00:53:44 Callum Murray M
54 00:53:47 Mairi Macleod FV
55 00:53:47 Belle Mackay FV
56 00:54:06 Hazel Mackay FV
57 00:54:13 Angus Murray MV
58 00:54:18 Sally Reynolds F
59 00:55:43 Glenn Denny M
60 00:55:48 Maggie Macleod F
61 00:56:02 Muriel Murray FV
62 00:56:11 Judith Wood FV
63 00:56:12 Ruth Macaskill F
64 00:56:13 Derek O'Connor MV
65 00:56:21 Janet Murray F
66 00:58:34 Elizabeth Maclean FV
67 00:58:50 Michelle Macleod F
68 00:58:56 Julie Vallier-Green FV
69 00:59:20 Finlay M Smith MV
70 01:00:18 Tony Robson MV
71 01:02:03 Sonja Clark FV
72 01:03:10 Allan Maciver MV

10k Course Elevation Profile

Elevation Profile
5k Course Elevation Profile is last 5k of 10k course