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SRAC Monthly Draw
(Running March – December 2011)

1st Prize £60, 2nd Prize £25, 3rd Prize £15

Month Prize Number


December 1st 42

Doline MacKay, 51 Upper Coll, Back, Lewis

  2nd 167

John MacKay, 9b Cross St, Stornoway

  3rd 68

McKenzie Carnoch 47 Goathill Rd, Stornoway

November 1st 185

S MacKinnon, 12a Laxdale, Lewis

  2nd 192

D Sutherland, 16 Culthel Road, Inverness

  3rd 104

Isla Budge, 19 Springfield Rd, Stornoway

October 1st 306

Anne Baird, 9 Stewart Drive, Stornoway

  2nd 273

Susan Robson, 2 Holm, Lewis

  3rd 133

Norman MacDonald, 59 Vatisker, Lewis

September 1st 070

McKenzie, Carnoch, Goathill Rd, Stornoway

  2nd 029

Morris MacKay, 10 Guershader, Laxdale

  3rd 591

Lesley MacDonald,40a Coll, Lewis

August 1st 026

Donald J MacKay, 9 Cross St, Stornoway

  2nd 005

Kirsty Munro, 2a Guershader, Lewis

  3rd 011

Christina MacInnes, 9 North Brager, Lewis

July 1st 012

Murdo MacInnes, 9 North Brager, Lewis

  2nd 005

Kirsty Munro, 2a Guershader, Lewis

  3rd 004

Calum MacIver, 11 Breasclete, Lewis

June 1st  

Adrienne Stewart, 34 Nicolson Road, Stornoway


Mary MacLeod, 63 Seaforth Road, Stornoway


McKenzie Carnoch, 47 Goathill Road, Stornoway

May 1st  

David Hanlon  42A Cromwell Street  Stornoway


Michelle Robson  2 Holm


Ruairi Maciver  10 Laxay

April 1st  

Anne Ramsay, 7 Back, Isle of Lewis


Ruth MacKenzie, 10 Guershader, Laxdale, Isle of Lewis


C Bain 42 Gress, Isle of Lewis

March 1st  

Lesley MacDonald, 40a Coll, Back


Hamish Budge, 19 Springfield Rd, Stornoway


Jayne MacKenzie, 18 Aignish