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The "Real Whackey" Races 2012/13

The Real Whackey Races is a winter hill running league, primarily intended as an opportunity for a get together and as an introduction to hill running to those wanting to be assimilated!

Further info available from myself at 07774 398719 or stuartsimpson06@aol.com


Stuart Simpson

Race dates and times are as follows:

Beinn A Mhuil, 340m / 5km: Sat December 15th, 14.45 Start

Race Result, Report and Photos

The last hill in Lewis or first hill in Lewis depending on which side of the border your loyalties lie!

Meet in car park ½ mile before landrover track over to Langabhat on Side of Beinn A Mhuil.. Organisers PB. Just under 30mins. Route, up landrover track for a mile, round large boulder at the tracks summit then up onto summit of Beinn a Mhuil, descend via the same route. A proper 5k race as opposed to those fake ones that take place on tarmac.

Feirioshal, SeaforthHead, 320m / 5km: Sat January 19th, 15.00 Start

Race Result, Report and Photos

Organiser will outline the route at start then its up to yourself. But its like this up to the small cairn on summit overlooking Loch Skip then head over to Trig point and descent down west slope of hill (a cracker of a descent and grassy too). Can be done in under 30mins, very boggy at start. Far more fun than going shopping or doing a cross country race.

Bowglass Meavig Trail Run, 11km / 590m: Sat Feb 16, 16.00 Start

Race Result, Report and Photos

Longer run from Bowglass to the high point of Bowglass - Meavig track and back to Bowglass. Organisers time 70mins, turn back is large boulder on right hand side at the tracks high  point. More enjoyable than the Stornoway half marathon and better scenery too.

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