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The "Real Whackey" Races 2012

Bowglass Meavig Trail Run, 11km / 590m
Sat February 16, 16.00 Start

View on the day and one I took earlier
View from turning point!

Excellent turnout for the third 'Real Whackey Race' conditions reasonable for a hill race in February - see photo which doesn't show the wind or rain!!

Tim and Kate in the group shot at the start of the Bowglass Real Whackey Race

Duncan's youth, although now that he is 18 he qualifies as a senior for hill running purposes, again triumphing over Anesti's experience and good to see one of our New Zealand visitors coming home in third. I was impressed by all the times on Saturday and thanks to Gavin for going to marshall at the rock and suffering the indignity of a puncture to his mountain bike for his efforts.

So thats it from the 'Real' Whackey Races and a big thanks to all who supported them. Now its time for you all to get out on the Hill's in preparation for the Ultimate Whackey race which is to be known as 'Up The Clisham' which shall take place at 3pm on Saturday 13 July(from the no dumping sign to summit and back) and off course Rhenigidale at 1pm on 14 September. In the meantime I may even degrade myself to do a 10k or a half,did someone say  x country at Seilebost, is it in the morning? I like that Pentalnd Road 10k cause it starts at a reasonable time.

Thanks for the Support


Bowglass Meavig Trail Run, 11km / 590m. Sat February 16, 2013
Place Name Out Back Total
1 Duncan McKellar 35.10* 26.00* 61.10
2 Anesti Davenhill 36.08* 26.00* 62.08
3 Tim Fogarty(MS) 37.55 28.36 66.31
4 Stuart Simpson(MV40) 38.40 29.51 68.31
5 Neil MacRury(MV50) 42.00 33.02 75.02
Pensioner on Pushbike 45.50 34.55 80.45
6 James MacKenzie(m?) 46.46 38.44 85.30
7 Fiona Tor(FV40) 50.22 39.22 89.44
8= Amy Cunningham(FS) 51.30 40.07 91.37
8= Kate Boerrlage(FS) 51.30 40.07 91.37
9 Spike MacIntosh(MV40) 51.10 42.50 94.00
10 Jeevam Tor(MV40) 53.00 41.50 94.50

Split times for Duncan and Anesti are estimates as they beat me to the top! Riding most of the return journey with a flat rear tyre means that I have to hand victory to Neil in our personal "runner v rider" race. It's hard to say how much time I lost coasting back to the finish but I reckon, without the puncture, it would have been a really close run/ridden thing! Well done Neil - one to you!

Well done Stuart for organising the series - it was great to see some new faces on the hill.