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Dear Club Member, Coach, Assistant,

Your committee is pleased to announce the launch of our new SRAC Club Training Kit and ONLINE shop. In line with the excellent performances and progress of our athletes it was felt that the club should look as good off track as our performances do on track.

Whether in Juniors, Seniors, veteran, Local, National, indoor, outdoor or Cross Country, we wish, all our Club Members, as well as our club perfomance, to stand out from the crowd.

To this end we have selected a supplier who will give us continuity of kit and who has now offered us an online shop specific to SRAC.

SRAC STANDARD Club Kit: Can now be ordered from our online shop, (see link below). As well as our standard kit, you will find optional kit such as base layers, leggings and kit bags. (We will hold a small quantity of standard kit to view and check sizes.)


SRAC RACE Kit, (Vests and Tartan Shorts.) should still be ordered from Ron or Shuna via email to: kit@srac.org.uk. As Race kit is not usually bought in large numbers, only a limited qty will be held in stock. The Club will, therefore, reorder Race Kit twice per year.

PLEASE NOTE that if qty of orders received do NOT meet the minimum reorder qty required by our supplier, your order may be held over until the following order period.

 If you have any questions re kit please contact Ron or Shuna at kit@srac.org.uk.

adult sizing

junior sizing


SRAC Supermodels?
As worn by this illustrious group of SRAC Supermodels