Stornoway Running and Athletics Club

Wacky Races series 2019-20

Wacky race 4 – Thursday 3oth January 2020

5k out and back town route, meeting at the Golf Club car park.

First runner will be off at 5.45pm, all start times will be emailed to registered runners the week of the race. Please arrive at least 15 mins before your start time.

The course is a simple out and back route starting at the golf club cark park out to the Battery and back, it is designed to be flat and fast! From the start at the golf club you will run along the path next to the rugby pitch, then turn left over the YM bridge and right onto Bayhead pavement. Follow the pavement then turn right onto the pier at the big blue gate, following the pier round passed the yellow fisherman at lazy corner. Turn off the pier before you reach the ice station underneath the sign next to the automatic gates (if gate happens to be open fine to go through there!). Go straight up Quay street then turn left and cross the road onto the pavement next to the flag poles and Iolaire memorial. Now stay on the pavement all the way passed the bus station, through the ferry terminal roundabout, along Newton, up Seaview Terrace. At the end of Seaview Terr take a right up the end of Seaforth Rd and then an immediate left down Millar road towards Sandwick shore. At the bottom of Millar road (next to Jan and Malcolm Crate’s house!) is the turning point, make a 180 degree turn at the cone and fire back along exactly the same route to the finish.

Please take care at all of the road entrances and be prepared to stop for cars!

It’s a lot simpler than it sounds! See the map below, there will be the usual flour arrows on the pavements to guide you at the turns.

Wacky Race 3 (SRAC Christmas Handicap) – Saturday 21st December 2019

For this race you have the option of the 5.3 mile (8.5km) or 4.1 mile (6.6km) ‘traditional’ Castle grounds loops.

Please meet at the Golf Club cark park by 9.45am to get your number and for a wee briefing. First runners will be off around 10am. Also please try and park elsewhere and walk/run to the golf club if you can, space is always tight there and we don’t want to upset the golfers – thank you 🙂

As normal there will be no marshalls, but there will be flour arrows on the ground to mark the routes. Even though there are two routes everyone will still be racing each other, with the aim that everyone will finish at roughly the same time. Oh and its not an advantage to do the short route you’ll need to run a wee bit faster!

5.3 mile (8.5km) route

4.1 mile (6.6km) route

Wacky Race 2 Results 201920

Wacky Race 2 – Thursday 21st November 2019

5k town loop, meet at the Isles FM car park on Seaforth Road.

Please arrive by around 5.45 to get your number, start times will be emailed out the week of the race. Also remember to dress nice and warm as you might have to wait around a wee bit before you start!

The course will be three times anti-clockwise round the Seaforth Rd – Sandwick Rd – Island Rd – Seaview Terr – Seaforth Rd loop. Starting and finishing in the cark park behind the Isles FM building. The run will be on the pavements but please be careful crossing the junctions at Engies and on Island Road. Please be prepared to stop for cars.

Its the same route that we use each year for the Wacky races but there will be flour arrows on the pavements at all of the turnings.

Wacky Race 1 Results 201920

Wacky Race 1 – Thursday 24th October 2019

5k loop in the Castle Grounds

Meet between 5 & 5:15pm in the Museum car park.

First Runner goes off to 5:30pm.

The route will start at the very back of the museum car park near the secret garden, the route will be run clockwise. Start by heading down the road next to the Woodlands centre, then run round the front of Crusty’s cottage and continue along the shore road right down to the mouth of the Creed. The route then goes up the Creed until you reach the wee garden next to the iron well, here you take the turn off to the right immediately after the garden. Then just follow the main path back towards the Castle, finishing at the red gate close to the College entrance.

All of the turnings in the route will be marked with white flour arrows!

Wacky race 5 – Thursday 21st February 2019

Race 5 results click here

5k town route, meeting at the Smith Avenue car park.

First runner will be off at 5.45pm, most runners will start from 6pm, please arrive before 5.40 to get your number and for a wee briefing.

The course is two loops of a route new to  Wacky Races. The start is on the pavement opposite the Smith Avenue cark park. Runners will then turn immediately right up Springfield road and do a anti-clockwise loop of Springfield Rd -Anderson Rd – Goathill Rd – Matheson Rd – Sandwick Rd – Smith Avenue, twice. At the end of the 2nd loop turn left after the Smith Avenue car park into the Nicolson bus park at the rear of the Sports Centre. The finish line is at the far end of the bus park.

It’s a lot simplier than it sounds! See the map below, there will be the usual flour arrows on the pavements to guide you at the turns.

Wacky Race 6 (final race!) – Thursday 28 March 2019

Race 6 results click here

For the last race in the series we are going to use a special new 5k route in the castle grounds. The proposed new Stornoway parkrun route! Things are really close at the top of the leader board going into this final showdown, with points increased by 50% for the last race and bonus points available for completing all of the races, everything is still up for grabs!!

Please meet at Cuddy Point in the Castle Grounds, just passed the castle green. Please arrive before 5.40pm, most runners will starts around 6pm.

The route will start and finish at Cuddy point, please don’t take your cars out to Cuddy Point park in the Castle car park if you need to. The first mile of the run is very straightforward just follow the ‘low road’ to its end, then turn left down to the mouth of the River creed. The second mile takes you up alongside the Creed until you reach the small garden next to the bridge to the Arnish road, you will take the right turn immediately after the garden (not before!). After the garden carry on a few hundred metres to the T junction close to Gallows Hill, here you should take a right then continue back down towards the low road. In the third and final mile before reaching the mouth of the Creed take a left back onto the low road and continue back along to Cuddy Point to finish.

As normal there will be flour arrows to direct you at the turnings!

Ps. make sure you put some blue tokens in the Stornoway parkrun Tesco Bags of Help box next time you’re shopping 🙂

What are the Wacky Races?

The Wacky Races are a series of mostly 5k handicap races that take place in the Castle grounds or streets of Stornoway over the winter. In a handicap race it is possible for anyone to win! With slower runners setting off first and the fastest last the aim is that everyone finishes roughly at the same time. Your start time is based on your best recent 5k, 10k or wacky race times. Points are awarded to everyone depending on what place they finish in each race and at the end of the series the person with the most points will be awarded the hallowed Wacky Race shield. The aim is to have fun, some good banter and try to improve your 5k times!

The races are open to all adults you don’t need to be a SRAC member, some races may be suitable for children.  Most races are 5k with a few other distances up to 10k. There will be six races, one per month between October and March.

How to enter

In order to take part please email your recent best 5k or 10k times to, or estimated 5k time if you haven’t raced recently.

Cost is ÂŁ2 per race to enter, please pay this in cash on the night – extact coinage please!

The Wacky rules for this year are:

  • Points are scored depending on your finishing place in each race, 20 points for 1st, 19 for 2nd, 18 for 3rd, and so on. Places 20 and lower in each race score 1 point.
  • First time wacky race runners will score 5 points regardless of finishing position.
  • A bonus 5 points will be awarded on top of this in each race to the three runners who finish closest to their predicted time.
  • 10 bonus points will be awarded to runners who complete all six races. 5 bonus points will be awarded if you complete five.
  • The final score for each runner will be the total of their best four race scores, plus the bonus for doing five or six if achieved.
  • If you have run six races your two lowest scores will be dropped, if you have run five races your lowest score will be dropped.

Example final score:

(Best four race total 62 points + 10 points for running all six = 72)

Race dates:
Race 1 – Thursday 24 October 2019, 5.30pm. 5k castle grounds route
Race 2 – Thursday 21 November 2019, 6pm. 5k street route
Race 3 – Saturday 21 December 2019, morning time TBC. 4.1 or 5.4 mile castle grounds loop option
Race 4 – Thursday 30 January 2020, 6pm. 5k street route
Race 5 – Thursday 27 February 2020, 6pm. 5k Street route
Race 6 – Thursday 26 March 2020, 5.30pm. 5k castle grounds route


Wacky Race Hall of Fame

2018-19 Laura Maciver

2017-18 Adrienne Stewart

2016-17 Angie ‘Bassman’ Murray

2015-16 Angus ‘Museum’ Murray

2014-15 Angus ‘Museum’ Murray

2013-14 Peter Macinnes

2012-13 Alastair Lockett

2011-12 Jim Bruce

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