Heb 3 Half Marathon Series

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HEB 3 2018  – RACE DATES

Stornoway Half Marathon – Saturday 26th May 2018

Benbecula Half Marathon – Saturday 2nd June 2018

Skye Half Marathon – Saturday 9th June 2018

Barrathon – Saturday 30th June 2018

Harris Half Marathon – Saturday 7th July 2018

Heb 3 Information

The Heb3 Race series is organised by Stornoway Running and Athletics Club and aims to boost overall entries to the five half marathons, by encouraging runners to run at least three of the five races.

These Half Marathons are independently organised, sponsored, and support local charities. (There is no separate entry fee for the Heb3 race series over and above individual race entries).

The challenge is to complete at least three of the five Western Isles Half Marathons – Stornoway, Harris, Benbecula, Barra or Skye in any one year. This is the longest running series of half marathons in Scotland, and 2018 sees the 29th event. It is a hugely popular race series, with increasing entries every year. In particular, the Barra race, which is only able to support limited numbers, sells out early every year. The series opens with the Stornoway half marathon and ends with the Harris half marathon, which traditionally involves post race celebrations, both locally and on the ferry!

Prizes (all to be presented after the Harris race)

Individual and team prizes

There are a selection of unique prizes for various male and female categories. Prizes are awarded to:

1st, 2nd,3rd Male; 1st, 2nd,3rd Female; 1st Male and Female vet and supervet; 1st team. Normally prizes are sourced from the island, for example, local pottery.

Notes on all prizes

if a runner wins a prize in more than one category (other than a team prize), they will be awarded the better of the two.

Categories are the traditional ages, ie vet is over 40 (male) and over 35 (female), and supervet is over 50 (male) and over 45 (female), irrespective of how they are awarded in each individual race.

Team prize – Shield

Fastest three runners from any one club either male or female, or mixed team each of the three runners must have completed the HEB3, running for the same club the three runners can run different races, as long as they each run the HEB3 All finishers of the Heb 3 (ie at least 3 races)

All runners who complete at least three of the five races are presented with a running t-shirt with the HEB3 logo designed by Iain Bom Mackay of SRAC. In addition, runners who complete all five races will have their t-shirt overprinted with “rinn mise na coig” (I did the five) on the back. These are sought after Tshirts and are not available for purchase!

Why not run the Heb3 for a memorable running experience?

Contact Us

Email:  heb3@srac.org.uk

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/hebridean3/

Here’s an example of the Heb 3 experience, brilliantly demonstrated by Susi Crawford, as she ran all 5 Hebridean Half Marathons in 2016