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Calbost classic 7 miler results

Results from the 7 mile race at South Loch’s premier running event on Saturday 24th August:

Name M/F Time
John Hamilton M 43.26
Mark MND Maciver M 43.47
Jessica Haworth F 53.47
James Mackenzie M 53.52
Alex Healy M 53.54
Scott Macaulay M 54.25
Donnie F Macmillan M 55.3
Alasdair Henderson M 56.4
Martha Hamilton F 57.58
Brian Lewis M 59.32
Gavin Macdonald M 1.00.26
Alasdair Macaskill M 1.00.36
Gerry Connelly M 1.02.05
Adrienne Stewart F 1.03.04
Colin Tucker M 1.03.41
Allan Maciver M 1.04.08
Christine Kennedy F 1.05.18
Norrie Mackay M 1.05.21
Valarie Hamiton F 1.05.58
Karen Mackenzie F 1.06.27
Chris Macdoanld M 1.06.27
Sophie Miocevich F 1.07.10
Jim Bruce M 1.07.30
Seonag Macleod F 1.08.18
Wendy Lewis F 1.08.30
Cathie Stewart F 1.12.12
Helen Mackenzie F 1.12.28
Norma Robb F 1.12.54
Kirsteen Macleod F 1.16.50
Brenda Jones F 1.18.21
Diane Morrison F 1.23.42
Ethel McNally F 1.47.00
Janetta Macdonald F 1.47.00
Norma Gatensby F 1.47.00

Heb 3 results so far – after Skye

Here are the Heb 3 results so far after the first three races in the 2019 series, well done to everyone that has taken part so far!

This is a chance for folk to check that they are registered for the Heb 3 @ Some runners have indicated in the individual race results that they intend to run a Heb 3 but haven’t registered for the series, we have listed those at the bottom of the results to date please sign up at the link above before Wednesday 12th June at the latest. Runners need to be registered to be eligible for prizes and guarantee a T-shirt.

Also if we’ve missed any of your times or recorded any of your information wrong please let us know at!

Heb3 2019 results after Skye

Island select 2019 athletic journey begins with win

3 years on, almost to the day, since the ISLAND SELECT athletics team was formed, the weekend of Sunday 20th April 2019 saw a brand new crop of SRAC youngsters raring to go!

A bit nervous, but really excited too! Much as the coaches and athletes all were in 2016 for the very first match when they turned up in Dundee in their minibus, with both athletes and coaches nervous as anything as the big guns rolled in in their big buses, and they looked on in awe!

But what a year that first year was, with their team-mates from the North Uist, South Uist & Eriskay, & Orkney and Shetland Athletics clubs more than holding their own. The U17s won Match 1, and the U13s & U15s took an excellent 2nd! What a debut, and that was the theme set for 2016, with both teams continuing with the high quality performances in matches 2 and 3, and qualifying for the National Scottish final!

On to 2017, and with both teams again in the national final, the U17s went on to win, lifting the U17 Scottish YDL Challenge Trophy; and 2018 saw the U13s & U15s finish a fantastic runner up to the mighty Edinburgh AC, with the teams again amongst the country’s top 8 YDL teams!

It has been without doubt a fantastic and rewarding experience for the club, and so important for SRAC’s best young athletes to get more high level competition. What lies ahead then for 2019?

Well we got a great indication from the first match of 3, with 6 of the 7 SRAC youngsters – 4 making their debut – smashing their PBs, as they once again teamed up with our friends from a wee bit further South in the Western Isles, and our friends from the North !

As race day dawned, the conditions in Aberdeen were promising, with little wind, but a sea haar making it a bit chilly at the start. However it soon lifted, and the sun was shining with great conditions.

First up were the short sprints, and U13 Noah Morrison comes home an excellent 2nd in his 100m race on his Island Select debut, in his first sub 15 run, his new PB – 14.72. Well done Noah!!!

There was also an excellent 2nd place for Ewan Murray in his U15 100m race, in what was also a PB, with Ewan running 13.44.

Another good run followed from U17, Matthew MacLeod as he finished 4th over the 100m in the B race, the first of 2 races for Matthew.

It was a busy day for the SRAC athletes, and while we had no-one in action in the field, there was plenty happening on the track!

A number of the athletes were also in action over the 200m and 300m. U13, Finlay MacLeod took an excellent 2nd place in his 200m race, in a time of 30.37, matching his PB !

U15, Ellen McMurdo then had a storming run to come home 4th in the U15 300m girls A race, as she broke her own PB for the 3rd time in a row this season – her new mark of 45.43 now ranking her 31st in Scotland! 

U15 Lewis MacLean came home 2nd in his 300m, with a good strong run which was very  close to his PB.

Next up was a really well judged 400m run from U17 Matthew Macleod, as he also came through strongly in the final 200m to finish 2nd in the B race in a new PB of 56.97.  

U15 Francesca Greenstock, on her Island Select debut, had a really good gutsy run over 1500m, finishing in 6th place in the girl’s A race. A great effort, which was rewarded with another PB for Francesca, after her run at the Stornoway April OGM. Her new mark is 5 minutes 49.23 taking another 3 seconds off her best time.

The 4 x 100m relays rounded of the day, and saw all of the SRAC athletes in action with their new friends and island team-mates, the end of what was a great day of performances from the ISLAND SELECT squad !

The even better news, which came a little later, was that in what was an extremely tight and competitive match, the ISLAND SELECT U13s & U15s won Match 1 by 9 points, and sit top of the 8 team YDL North division league !!!

The U17s took 3rd place which was also a great result as well with many not able to be there due to exam commitments.

So a great start to the ISLAND SELECT 2019 journey, with a place at the Scottish finals again very much the target.   

Massive thanks to our vest sponsors, BUILDBASE. It was fantastic seeing all the athletes competing in their new vests with all the club colours represented! A big thanks also to the TRANSOCEAN TRAVEL FUND & THE LEWIS & HARRIS SPORTS COUNCIL for their help with trip costs. Their collective support is invaluable to help give our young sporting talent these great development opportunities.


North District Track & Field Championships & National Outdoor Open 2019 – Inverness

On Friday 10th May and Saturday 11th May the North District U13, U15 & U17 Track & Field Championships took place in Inverness, along side this there was a National Outdoor Open for U20s and Seniors. A big squad of over 30 athletes made the trip across the narrow sea to take part and waw what a two days it was for our troops! There were brilliant performances across the board with countless PBs and there were reports the Loch Seaforth was straining under the weight of 15 medals taken home by the squad! Well done to everyone that took part you did us proud and big thanks as always to the coaches and parents for organising and supervising the trip. Coach Macrury was last seen lying in a darkened room trying to get his heart rate back under 200!

There is also a report on the trip on We Love Stornoway click here

SRAC 1-2-3 in the U13 Girls 800!! Kyla, Sarah & Megan

Here are all of the SRAC results from the two days in Inverness:

U13 Girls 100m
Heat 1
3rd – Jess Muir – 14.98 (PB)
6th – Amy MacRitchie – 15.70 (PB)
Heat 2
7th – Abbie Stewart – 17.24
Heat 3
4th – Hannah MacLean – 15.31

U13 Girls 1500m
3rd – Abbie Stewart – 6:21.76 – BRONZE

U13 Girls 200m
1st – Sarah MacIver – 28.88 (PB) – GOLD
6th – Megan MacLean – 31.63 (PB)
7th – Jess Muir – 31.66
8th – Kyla McMurdo – 31.74
Heat 1
1st – Sarah MacIver – 29.58 (PB)
3rd – Kyla McMurdo – 31.43 (PB)
5th – Hannah MacLean – 32.64 (PB)
6th – Amy MacRitchie – 33.50 (PB)
Heat 2
3rd – Megan MacLean – 31.67 (PB)
4th – Jess Muir – 31.91 (PB)

U13 Girls 800m
1st – Sarah MacIver – 2:37.80 (PB) – GOLD
2nd – Kyla McMurdo – 2:40.81 – SILVER
3rd – Megan MacLean – 2:44.68 (PB) – BRONZE

U13 Girls High Jump
4th – Megan MacLean – 1.06

U13 Girls Long Jump
1st – Sarah Maciver – 4.14 (PB) – GOLD
5th – Kyla McMurdo – 3.57
6th Jess Muir – 3.55 (PB)
13th – Hannah MacLean – 3.25 (PB)
14th – Amy MacRitchie – 3.19

U13 Girls Shot Putt (2.72kg)
8th – Abbie Stewart – 4.15

U15 Girls 100m
6th – Amy MacMillan – 14.00 (PB)
Heat 1
3rd – Amy MacMillan – 14.03 (PB)
7th – Mairi Anna Binns – 15.91 (PB)
Heat 2
7th – Anna Harrison – 16.02

U15 Girls 1500m
4th – Rachel Murray – 5:11.87 (PB)
9th – Francesca Greenstock – 5:56.46

U15 Girls 200m
Heat 1
3rd= – Amy MacMillan – 29.49
3rd= – Ellen McMurdo – 29.49
Heat 2
6th – Kaitlin MacDonald – 29.61 (PB)

U15 Girls 300m
5th – Ellen McMurdo – 45.63 (PB)

U15 Girls 75m Hurdles
6th – Francesca Greenstock – 16.37
7th – Anna Harrison – 21.05

U15 Girls Long Jump
12th – Kaitlin MacDonald – 3.77
17th – Alyth MacLeod – 3.48
19th – Mairi Anna Binns – 3.43

U17 Women 100m
6th – Angela Horne – 13.70

U17 Women 200m
6th – Angela Horne – 27.86
Heat 1
3rd – Angela Horne – 28.67

U17 Women 300m
3rd – Gemma MacRitchie – 44.20 (PB) – BRONZE

U17 Women Long Jump
3rd – Gemma MacRitchie – 4.81 – BRONZE
4th – Angela Horne – 4.67

U20 Women 100m
Race 1
2nd – Sian MacDonald – 13.47
Race 2
3rd – Sian MacDonald – 13.29

U20 Women 200
Race 1
2nd – Sian MacDonald – 28.08
Race 2
2nd – Sian MacDonald – 27.64

U20 Women Long Jump
1st – Sian MacDonald – 4.54

U20 Women Triple Jump
1st  – Mary MacLeod – 10.49

Senior Women 400m Hurdles
1st – Eve Carrington – 73.84

Senior Women Shot Putt (4kg)
1st – Eve Carrington – 9.96

U13 Boys 100m
4th – Ewan Amos – 15.67 (PB)

U13 Boys 1500m
2nd – Jordan Nicolson – 5:19.03 (PB) – SILVER

U13 Boys 200m
2nd – Iain Matheson – 29.33 (PB) – SILVER
3rd – Finlay MacLeod – 29.76 (PB) – BRONZE
7th – David MacIver – 33.06 (PB)
Heat 1
2nd – FInlay Macleod – 30.73
4th – David Maciver – 33.14 (PB)
Heat 2
1st – Iain Matheson – 30.63

U13 Boys 800m
1st  – Iain Matheson – 2:34.89 (PB) – GOLD
5th – David Maciver – 2:52.98

U13 Boys High Jump
4th – Ewan Amos – 1.21
5th – Jordan Nicolson – 1.06

U13 Boys Long Jump
5th – Ewan Amos – 3.67
7th – David Maciver – 3.21

U15 Boys 100m
6th – Ewan Murray – 13.33 (PB)
Heat 2
4th – Ewan Murray – 13.40 (PB)
6th – Angus Morrison – 14.89

U15 Boys 200m
4th – Ewan Murray – 27.47 (PB)
6th – Lewis MacLean – 28.39
Heat 1
3rd – Lewis MacLean – 28.61
4th – Ewan Murray – 28.64 (PB)
5th – Angus Morrison – 30.84 (PB)

U15 Boys 300m
2nd – Lewis MacLean – 43.77 (PB) – SILVER

U15 Boys High Jump
4th – Lewis MacLean – 1.26

U15 Boys Long Jump
3rd – Ewan Murray – 4.57 – BRONZE

U15 Boys Shot Putt (4kg)
2nd – Angus Morrison – 8.47 – SILVER

U17 Men 200m
4th – Matthew Macleod – 26.31

U20 Men 100m
Race 1
2nd – Scott Maciver – 11.67
Race 2
1st – Scott Maciver – 11.53

U20 Men 200m
Race 1
2nd – Scott Maciver – 23.91
Race 2
1st – Scott Maciver – 23.71

Full event results can be found here:

What’s on?

30/11/19 – Bingo fundraiser!

30/11/19 – North Lewis (Ness) 5k and 10k

07/12/19 – North District XC Champs

21/12/19 – SRAC Xmas Handicap (Wacky Race 3)

31/12/19 – Flett Trek

18/01/20 – Lewis & Harris XC Race 3

18/01/20 – Club Ceilidh & prizegiving

30/01/20 – Wacky Race 4

22/02/20 – National XC Champs

27/02/20 – Wacky Race 5

26/03/20 – Wacky Race 6 (final)

23/05/20 – Stornoway Half & 10k