SRAC seniors had a great day out at Benbecula Half Marathon today. It was a brilliant event and conditions today were far more favourable for Hebridean runners than last week’s heat.
John Macaskill was 4th overall and picked up his age group prize. SRAC ladies also won the team prize.
A few pics and results are below.
Huge thanks to Jim for driving the bus!

SRAC/Westside results:

4 John Macaskill 01:24:25
5 Donald Smith 01:24:52
8 Andy McMahon 01:28:34
12 Owen Davies 01:30:30
17 Simon Axon 01:35:52
22 Paul Hadley 01:41:45
26 Allan Morrison 01:42:38
31 Katy Mackenzie. 01:48.45
42 Adrienne Stewart 01:57:09
50 Jim Bruce 02:03:14
54 Karen Wright 02:05:09
71 Katia Petteloot 02:24:38
75 Ann MacInnes 02:39:04
76 Peter MacInnes. 02:39:04

Team pic

SRAC ladies win team prize

A sociable drink on the way to ferry

Helping to move the sheep so we could get to the ferry on time!