Wacky Race 2019/20 Champions Crowned!

As with everything else in the running world at the moment we have cancelled next week’s Wacky Race 6 – the final race in the series. But with good news in short supply these days we bring you some as we have crowed some worthy champions based on the results after race 5!

Huge kudos and virtual round of applause to Sandra Kennedy who is the 2019/20 Champion! Here she is receiving her trophy and the Hallowed Wacky Race shield from Scott Engineer Ear (who maintained the recommended safe distance)

Second place goes to Richard Galloway!

Third place to Marina Sinclair!

Massive well done to you all, reward for fantastic running and consistent improvement throughout the series! Kudos to coach Louise too 😉 Sandra’s win also makes it three in a row for the ladies joining Adrienne and Laura in the Wacky Hall of Fame.

Also special mention for Sandra, Richard, Ian Ferris, Valerie Hamilton, Scott Engine Ear and Gordon Kennedy for completing all 5 races. And thanks to every single one of you, 75 in total, that Wacky Raced this year.

You can see the final standing here:

Thanks and take care

See you in October!

Team Wacky – Murdo, Scott & Norman